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          Before carrying out the maintenance of the electric door, we mainly check the fault of the electric door, and we need to determine the cause of the fault of the electric door and which period of time it is damaged. The voltage is too high, or the man-made mechanical operation is improper.


          There are also some natural phenomena damage, if there are these special phenomena, we can make a preliminary judgment that it is due to lightning into the water, or some of the problems of short circuit malformations, we must not turn on electricity to test the motor. In this way, it is easy to cause re-trauma to our mobile body and expand the scope of the failure.


          After finding the cause of the fault of the electric door, the maintenance method of the electric door is judged according to the size of the fault. Generally speaking, after we open the shell of the circuit board, we will find whether some components on the circuit board have been damaged.


          You will find blackening and yellowing on the circuit components, or the school of the silver corner basin, indicating that the circuit board is likely to be due to a problem with the circuit after the intake of water.


          You can use the electric soldering iron professor said to cross the line to replace, or to see if the components are due to loose problems, if it is loose, then we can continue to use. If the original has been redeemed, then you can replace it according to its damage score.


          The electric door controller should be kept clean to prevent the erosion of influent or other harmful substances, and the use of organic solvents is strictly prohibited.


          The number of cable cores of the electric door should not be less than 8 lines (in the past, the connection of 7 lines is not very reasonable) the middle of the door cable should not contain joints.


          The remote control transmitter should keep the shell to prevent the extrusion vibration from falling into the water, pay attention to check the battery voltage and replace it if necessary, and generally replace the battery when the remote control distance is too close. Battery type KC12V-23A, remote control should avoid electromagnetic interference sources as far as possible.


          The remote control is not interchangeable when it is encrypted by code when it leaves the factory. When the user needs to change, the manufacturer can change the password as required.


          In the event of failure of the controller, maintenance shall be carried out by professionals or in contact with the supplier and the manufacturer, so as to avoid the expansion of the fault and affect the use of the controller.


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